You can sign-up to your alumni website on the Almabase portal in either one the following three ways:

  • Through Facebook
  • Through LinkedIn
  • Directly through your email

We recommend using Facebook or LinkedIn as it helps us keep your data up-to-date automatically. Also, the registration process will be far simpler for you.

Here's a video that describes the sign-up process.
To know more about the verifications process, click here

Alternately, you can read about the steps involved, below:

Step 1: To sign-up, go to the home page of your website.
 If you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can log in using your Facebook or LinkedIn ID.
 If not, you can choose to connect through email.

(Alternately): If you have been invited by someone to join, clicking on the link sent to your email will open up this window:

Step 2: If you chose to connect through Facebook or LinkedIn, a pop-up window will appear. To continue, allow access. You just have to click on the button allowing the alumni site to access Facebook/LinkedIn.

 Step 2 (Alternate): If you choose to connect through email, you’ll be redirected to the following window. If you’ve already registered using your email, go ahead and log in using your credentials. If not, click on ‘Create Account’

Step 3: Clicking on Create account, will redirect you to the following page.
 If you’re not an alumnus (i.e. Staff, Parent, Faculty etc.) click on the link that says so. If not, go ahead and fill in your details and then click submit.

Step 4: On clicking submit, you get registered, now you need to confirm your email address.

Check your email. You should have received a link that asks you to validate your email. Click on this link.

NOTE: On the image above, the red coloured pop-up) appears only if your email ID is not already in the database. If your email ID is already in the database, you get auto-verified! (the red pop-up won’t appear either)

If you’ve signed up with an email ID different from the one on the database, or if the database doesn’t have your email ID, the admin of the site will have to verify your account before you gain full access.

Once this verification is done, you are now a ‘verified-user’ and will have full access to the alumni site.

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