This is what it will look like on your home page:

Our Support team will help you set this up, but for this, we need some details from you. You can send this to your account manager or to
These are the details we'll need:


You can find the username in the URL(link) to your Instagram page. 

Here is how you can fetch your clientID and accessToken :

For clientId:

  1. Login into Instagram and go to this link
  2. Click on Manage Clients on the top right corner.
  3. Click “Register” on new client.
  4. The dialog popup will ask you the purpose for which you need an api. You can enter ‘official website’, or anything else that you feel appropriate.
  5. Click on Register new application
  6. Enter an application name. (this can be school’s name)
  7. Enter a description name. (mention “for alumni platform”)
  8. Enter Website URL (enter URL of alumni platform)
  9. Enter Contact Email. (you can add regular id you use)
  10. Enter Valid redirect URIs = http://localhost (once done, press enter)
  11. Complete captcha and click on Register.
  12. After registration, you will be redirected to a new page where a listing of all your applications are shown.
  13. Take note of the Client ID that you see there.

For accessToken:

  1. For access token, you have to go this link
  2. Click on Generate Access token.
  3. You will be required to authenticate your account.
  4. After Authentication, you will get an access token which you need to take note of.

Let us know those details and we will get your Instagram feed up and running!

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