There are multiple ways to create an email group, such as:

  1. Defining a segment on the directory to create an email group.

  2. From the Data Studio

  3. By uploading an excel sheet

In this article, we will understand how to create an email group using the first two methods.

Step 1: Ways to Create an Email Group

You can create email groups in either of the following ways:

 1) Go to ‘Email Groups’ on the admin panel 


 2) Choose ‘Create Group‘ within the ‘Select Group‘ option while composing an email sending out a bulk-email.

Step 2: Define Email Group

Regardless of which method you chose, on clicking create group, the following dialog box pops up:

Here, you can define the following:

  • Group Name:  This is the name that you assign to the group for your own reference. Call it what you wish. e.g., Batch of 1986, Lives in California, Unregistered Users.

  • How to add members to the email group:
    -  Choose from existing profiles on the platform
    - Upload Excel Sheet (detailed instructions on the other article)

Step 3: Add members

The first method has two ways to select the profiles from.

  1. Define a segment from the directory

    Click on "Click here to define the query." You will be sent to the directory page.

    Now, use the search filters to select the profiles to be added to the email group.

Note: Maximize the pop-up window in case you can’t see filters and the submit button.

Set one or many filters based on fields like Class, Education, Location, employment, and whether they are registered or not.

  2. Choose specific members 

Click on "Click here to select." A pop-up appears from where you can select multiple profiles.

Step 4: Create the group

Once you defined your group and selected profiles, you should see the following box now on your earlier window.

The option you choose to add members will be auto-filled.
Now, click on Create group.

Your email group has been created successfully!

Being dynamic, this group will automatically get updated based on changes the alumni make on their profiles as well!

Note: The email groups you create by uploading an email list from Excel won't be dynamic

Now you can select the created group whenever you click Select Group when sending out bulk emails.

To edit this group later, you can go to Email Groups from the Communication Center on the Admin panel, click on the More actions option for the email group you want to edit.

Here is how you can create an email group from the Data Studio

  • From the admin panel, navigate to the Data Studio.

  • Select all the records you want to add to the new email group

  • Once selected, navigate to Admin Actions > Communication Center > Create an email group.

Once done, the following modal should pop up:

Give it a name and select if you want this email group to be static or segment (automatically updates according to the filters) and hit on create email group.

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