In general alumni associations bring together former students, friends in living in specific geographic areas through chapters. This is a great way to help alumni stay in touch with each other and create networking opportunities among them.

Chapter on the platform is like kind of page with option to add cover images, description, chapter members, contact details etc.

All the events conducted by the chapter and pics added in those events will also get displayed here. So, it becomes a one stop place for chapter-related activity.

Once a chapter page is created with all relevant details, it will look something like this
and this

You can also have a high-level map overview of chapters like this

To add a chapter click “Chapters“, under site management of admin panel. Chapters created will appear here.

 Click the option “+Add chapter” on right side and the following window will appear.

 Here all the relevant details can be added and the chapter page gets created.
 After details of all chapters are added, it can be linked to the menu item in either header/footer.

To link a chapter to the menu, you just need to click “+Add sub link” under the required menu option on navigation structure and following window pops up

Here, you can add the name of your choice but the URL field has to be “/chapters“.

Note: While adding location to the chapter, the system has to search the entire Google maps data to pick the location. This might little time and make sure you have fast internet connection while doing this.

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