Christmas greetings is a custom page that lets your alumni post their holiday wishes to the community.

You can add this to your menu in December, and then share the link on social media.

It's a great way to get alumni to come over to the alumni platform and leave their greetings.

If you want the link to this page, write to us at with the following details.

We need a,

  1. Background Image

  2. Page Heading

  3. Cover Image

  4. Default Message. 

Once you share these details, we will create the page and share the link with you.
You can then add this to your menu from Edit Main Menu and Footer

Let's say the link is -

In the URL field, make sure you enter the text as in the image above i.e “/celebrations/christmas”.
The text in the field for “Name”, can be anything of your choice.

Make sure you click Save Changes here, and also the button one on the bottom right corner of the page.

Pro-Tip: You'll find some really good Christmas email templates to choose from under Festivals section when you click on Design Email, while composing email.

You can edit it any way you like, and send it across to your alumni.
Also, you can add the link to Christmas Greetings Page in the email, and send it out to your alumni asking them to send in their holiday wishes.

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