Using Yearbooks  you can organize class pictures based on class year.  Once you upload these, your Alumni can use a dropdown menu to filter down by class year, and view a slideshow of the images by clicking the arrow buttons.

Here's how you add yearbook photos:

  • Step 2: Click +Add Yearbook on the right side. Now, you can enter relevant information (pertaining to that particular class) such as year of joining, graduation etc and upload an image.

  • Step 3: Click Save on bottom right corner of the page.

  • Step 4: Now, to add it to the Navigation menu go to Edit Main Menu & Footer on the admin panel and choose the header under which you'd like to add yearbooks. Click [+Add sublink] under the selected header.

  • Step 5: In the text box Name, enter a name of your choice (Say, 'Class of 1999 Yearbook').
    Select the option URL and add the text  /memorabilia.
    Click [Save changes].

  • Step 6: Also click [Save changes] on the bottom-right corner to ensure that this change gets saved onto the main page.

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