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Create alumni spotlights, blog posts, inspirational stories, and get alumni to contribute by writing in their experiences.

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Setting up Stories through directories allows your alumni to write in about their time as students or even talk about their work, achievements, or experiences.

From your end, you can use this outlet to publish regular content - Alumni spotlights, inspiring stories, or just any blog post - it's up to you!

Follow the below steps to set up stories through directories ๐Ÿ‘‡

Step 1: Enter the name of the Directory and select Stories as the template

You will then be directed to the admin side of the directory.

    • Note: Form submissions are used to add content or items to the Directory.

Step 2: Display Settings

  • You can then change the Directory settings to display the submissions the way you want.

Step 3: Privacy Settings: Setting up private content and Sharing

For private content set-up Verifications

  • You may want to restrict access to private content directories/stories to specific users. Determine which users should have access and add them to the Verifications list.

  • In the example below, the directory is restricted to users with the affiliation "Alumni."

  • Anyone who visits the directory page will have to verify themselves as alumni by confirming their email for validation.

    Allow your users to share content.

  • Enable users to share and publicize the content in their circle

    • Enable sharing so that users can effortlessly share the stories, jobs, businesses, etc., within their circle.

  • NOTE: The share option changes as it relies on the device and its operating system. It shows relevant share options that the user is already used to.

Step 4: Search & Sort Settings

Step 5: Other Settings

Add a default cover image to make the listing page more lively

  • Under the Other settings, set up a default image to be picked for the card in case none is submitted.

Configure the Add Button, as well as the image position, as you prefer.

Make Alumni stories accessible on your homepage.

You can access stories from the homepage by first adding them to your navigation menu from Edit Main Menu and Footer on the admin panel ๐Ÿ‘‡ .

From here,

  • Click the +Add sublink under the menu item of your choice.

  • Type in /d/alumni-stories (/d/name of the directory)

  • The URL can be found on the admin side of the directory by selecting the gear icon next to the Directory name.

The option you added will now appear on the Main Menu drop-downs on the site.

You can use a widget to add this directory (Alumni Stories) on the platform or publish your directory on another content management system - Check out the article!

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