'Stories' is a platform where both you, and your alumni can contribute - Think of it like a collaborative blog. You can encourage your alumni to contribute by writing in about the time when they were students or even have them talk about their work, achievements or experiences.

From your end, you can use this outlet to publish regular content - Alumni spotlights, inspiring stories, or just any blog post - it's up to you! 

You can access stories by first adding it to your navigation menu from Edit Main Menu and Footer on the admin panel. From here,

  • Click +Add sublink under the menu item of your choice.

  • Type in "/stories" in the URL field.

The option you added will now appear on the Main Menu drop-downs on the site.

NOTE: Alternately, the direct URL to go here is "yoursitedomain.org/stories" - i.e. if your site domain is alumni.regencyacademy.org then you can access the feature from alumni.regencyacademy.org/stories

On the Stories landing page, you'll see a button to Add a Story

Click this, and it will take you to the content editor.

From here, give your story a title, add cover image, and add your content.
If you're done, you can Publish directly, or you can Save as draft to revisit it later.

NOTE:  The cover images you upload here look best with an aspect ratio of around 5:2. Even better if the subject (focus) of the picture is at the center of the image

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