To apply to a job, on the Jobs module, click on the Job listing that you want to apply to

The page that opens up shows details regarding the job.
You can also see who posted this opportunity and others from your network who work in the same company.

From the section on the right side, you can Apply, Share or Follow.

Click Apply - the following window pops up :

If you have already uploaded a resume, select it from the dropdown menu.
Add a cover letter if you wish, and click ‘Apply’.

Once your application is sent, you’ll get the following notifications. This will send an email containing  your resume, and cover letter/message to the person who posted this opportunity.

NOTE: If you haven't uploaded a resume yet, click on ‘Go to career center’ .You’ll be redirected to the following page.
Click on the ‘Upload resume’ button to upload a new resume.

NOTE: The process to apply to an internship is identical - just go to the Internships module instead of the jobs module

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