‘Alumni Needs’ is a feature for users to ask questions they may have about career advice, accommodation in another city, jobs, higher education or any other general need and seek answers from the community.

A user can refer other users to answer questions too. As an admin, you can add  ‘Alumni Needs’ as well.

Click on ‘Alumni needs’ under the ‘Content management’ section on admin panel.Here you will find the needs posted on the site. Using the search box and filter on the right, you can search for needs or filter them category wise.

To add a need, you can click the on the option available on the right i.e
 [+Add need]. A new window will pop up, where you can add the need under the relevant category (available from the drop down) with necessary description.

To edit an existing need, you can click on the name of the need, under description column. That particular need along with relevant details will pop up. You can go ahead and make necessary changes in the description.

In both cases, please make sure you click the save option on the bottom right corner of the page.

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