To facilitate online ticket payment for an event, donations for giving campaigns, or membership payments. The admin needs to perform a one-time setup to link any one of the supported payment gateway providers.

The process to set up PayPal,, and BBMS payment account is a little different. Please find the detailed instructions in the below articles:

The steps to link BluePay, Acceptiva, PayU, PayUBiz, CCAvenue, and EazeBuzz payment accounts are straightforward. Follow the steps below.

📝 Login to your payment gateway account and go to "account settings" to obtain the unique IDs and Keys for the linking process.

STEP 1: Search for "Payments" on the admin panel.

Step 2: Click on + Add Almapay Payment Account.

Step 3: Select the appropriate type of payment gateway and give it the name of your choice.

Step 4: Enter the Metadata.

The metadata format changes for each payment account type. So, make sure to select and enter the right format according to the payment account you want to link to Almabase from the list below 👇

BluePay format

"accountID": "100013426720",

Acceptiva format


PayU & PayUBiz format (Only for INR)

"merchant_salt": "WXOESzFAWF",
"merchant_key": "wZf38lTy"

CCAvenue format (Only for INR)

"merchant_id": "87333",
"working_key": "3262B8A66B62FD8A912C0C4AB31DA271",
"access_code": "AVJU63DA44AN63UJNA"

EaseBuzz format (Only for INR)

"merchant_salt": "ENVXB5LD29",
"merchant_key": "JC22JVA60S"

Once you have entered the metadata format, make sure to check the "is active" box before you hit on Save.

If you face any roadblocks when performing the above steps or have any questions, please reach out to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 We'll be happy to set this up for you. 😄

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