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How Do I Add News and Updates? Where Does This Appear on the Site?
How Do I Add News and Updates? Where Does This Appear on the Site?
creating/adding a news article, linking an event/a page/groups to a news article
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The news page serves as the main source of information, announcements, and other updates.

To add a news item:

Step 1: Search for News & Updates on the admin panel.

Here you will find the list of news items that were created along with their titles, time when they were posted, tags etc.

Step 2: Click on Add News & Updates on the right side of the page and a new window will pop up. Here you can add relevant information including the title of the news update, description, cover picture etc.

 The content for summary will reflect on the website, under the title of the news.

Step 3: Click the Save button, on the bottom right corner of the page to publish.

Your website has a News and Updates card on the home page and you can view the latest news published over there.

Other Optional Settings:

To add tags to your News check out the article Add Tags to News & Updates


The date and time when you add the news article is picked by default here.
You can update it to any date you want, especially if you want to change the order in which the articles are displayed on the platform.

Cover Picture, Video and Caption:

You can either add a cover picture or a video(only youtube video links). The caption you set will appear below the picture/video.

Linking an Event, a Page, and Groups to the News article:

If there is an event associated with your News article, like the article is on the fundraising game you're organising in your school, then you can link the game event to this article.
There is a character limit on the news article description field, also the widget and templates options that you see on the page editor is not on the news editor.
So, in case your news article exceeds the limit and if you want to use the different widget and templates, then write your news description on a page and link it to the news article.

Note: Only one page and event can be linked to the news article

You can select multiple groups here. The news article will be visible only to the members of the group.

Write to us at in case of any queries.

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