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What happens when an alum signs up on the platform?
What happens when an alum signs up on the platform?

Discover the seamless journey of what happens on our backend systems when an alum signs up on our platform.

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Users can join your alum network using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or email. Our systems then verify them in stages to ensure they're genuine member of your school/college/university.

Stage 1 - Email Verification

  • For users signed up via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google the email address is automatically verified by our system.

  • For user signed up with their Email Address, will have to go through the email verification process. You can watch the video for email verification process here.

Sign up process

Stage 2 - Registration Approval

After the email address has been verified, the following will take place -

  • The alum will be redirected to fill a registration form with their basic details and other information.

  • Our systems will check if the verified email address is already present on the database.

  • If the email address is present in the database the signed up user will be auto-approved.

  • If the email address is not present in the database then an admin will have to approve the user.

Reach out to in case you have any questions or suggestions.

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