How is this useful?
You often pull lists of email IDs from your database and want to send them an email. Instead of having to use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for such emails, you can upload that list into Almabase just to send an email. 

If those email IDs are already records on Almabase, this will associate the emails with those records. For those email IDs that aren't recorded on Almabase, it would create temporary contacts (Unlisted on Data Studio) just to send out emails.

Would emails be sent to email IDs that are not already on Almabase?
Yes. Emails will be sent to all the email IDs on the uploaded list irrespective of whether those email IDs are already on Almabase or not. So you can upload any list and it would work.

How do I create such an email group? 

Step 1: From the admin panel scroll to Communication Center > Email Groups

Step 2: Click on Create new Group (next to the search bar, top right corner)

Step 3: Select "Upload an Excel Sheet"

Step 4: Click on "Select File" and select an excel Sheet from your computer and click on Proceed.
The excel sheet should contain "First Name", "Last Name", "Email ID" as columns.
A sample excel sheet can be downloaded from here

(above is an example of the format to be followed while uploading an excel sheet)

Step 5: Go to email groups and ensure that the group is created.

NOTE: If a group is still being processed you will notice that the word "Processing" is displayed next to that group.
Do not send an email to a group that is still "Processing". Please wait. Normally, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

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