Let's say you wanted to send out an email from 'John Doe' to an email group 'All Alumni' from 'Regency Academy'

When you select the sender as John, you will notice that the email will be sent from john-doe@mail.yourschool.org , instead of the jdoe@gmail.com; an address that is listed on Johns record.

There are a couple of reasons why almabase changes the email before you send your email out. The primary reason though, is to make sure your email gets delivered, instead of it being marked as fraudulent, or as spam.

Reason#1 : Your emails need to pass the DMARC test.

Passing the DMARC test (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is important if the email needs to hit the recipients inbox. If DMARC fails, your message could end up in spam, or the user may be warned that the email should not be trusted.

What does it mean to pass the DMARC test?

When you send out your email, email servers take a closer look at who the email is coming from, and whether the email is really being sent from John, or just someone who is trying to impersonate John.

Eg: Emails from your communication center is sent out from a domain that looks similar to alumni.regencyacademy.com, but when the email server receives the email, the sender email is jdoe@gmail.com.
Google takes a look at these 2 domains, and will get suspicious, since the message says the sender sent it on gmail, but it was not actually sent on gmail.

So what happens on almabase?
When you select a sender to be John Doe, almabase sends out the email as john-doe@alumni.yourschool.org so that mail servers recognize that we are who we say we are; and not trying to deceive someone else. Which is what spammy and phishing emails try to do.

Reason#2 : Privacy of emails.

By not using John Doe's actual email ID, we can ensure that some level of privacy is maintained. John's email cannot be shared around, and only people who are part of your database can contact John through john-doe@alumni.yourschool.org .

Reason#3: Tracking replies (coming soon)

Since each email now goes through your alumni platform, it is possible to track the number of replies to that email as well; making it another metric to count toward engagement. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact support. 

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