There are some emails that are automatically sent from the system to the user; we call them Automated Emails.

Email verifications, password resets, new mentorship requests, successful transactions, etc.. are all automated emails that are sent out by the Almabase system, based on what actions the user performs. 

Any of your users may decide to reply to one of these automated emails. Should that happen, the system needs to know where that reply needs to be forwarded to; so that a human can take action/reply.

Primary communication id, Primary communication sender name, and Primary communication slug are 3 parameters that are set, to adjust how your users interact with Automated Emails sent through the system.

Site Domain:
Sender name : MySchool Alumni Office
Sender email slug: office
Reply to (Primary communication ID) :

NOTE: The primary communication ID for your platform, is the one that appears on the footer of your site.

Then when the user receives an email, it will look like:
FROM : MySchool Alumni Office (

Even though the reply to address on the receiver end looks like it goes to an 'office' address, it will be forwarded by almabase to ''. so that John can take necessary action at that point.

If you want to make changes to the way this is set up currently for your organization, reach out to us at and we'll make the changes for you.

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