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What is the profile page?

  • Profile page is a display of information entered by the Profile user or admin.

  • Only the profile user or the admin can view and edit all the entered information on the Profile page.

  • While the other registered users can only view the information, not all the entered information will be visible.

  • The fields visible to all the registered users are -

  • Name, Birthdate, Location, Education Details, Other Education Details, Employment information, work location, interests, preferences, accomplishments, and skills.

  • Email Addresses and Links to the social media profiles won’t be visible directly.
    However, the registered users can still contact via email or other social media using the Send Message button and buttons for Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

How can I access the profile page?

  • On the home page,
    Goto Directory→ By Search.

  • You will be directed to the search page, where all the profile cards will be visible.

  • You can search for the profile you want using the search bar and then click on the Profile card that appears.

  • This will take you to the Profile page.

Can I customize the fields that appear on the Profile Page?

  • There is a set of default fields that cannot be removed (except for some of them under the Education section).
    Fields are grouped into sections.
    The default sections and fields within them are as follows:

  • Section: <<your institute name>> Education

  • Fields: Degree, Field Of Study, Specialization, Year of Entry, Year of Graduation, and Year of Leaving.

  • Section: Other Education

  • Fields: School/College/University Name, Degree, Field of Study, Specialization, Year of Entry, and Year of Graduation.

  • Section: Experience

  • Fields: Employer, Designation, Job Domain, From - Month, and Year and To - Month, and Year.

  • Section: Accomplishments

  • Fields: Type, Description

  • Section: Other Details

  • Fields: Gender, Date of Birth, Wedding Anniversary Date,
    Home address- Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, and Home Phone Number
    Office address- Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, and Office Phone Number,
    Deceased Information - Deceased(checkbox), Deceased Date, Additional information,
    External Database ID(for RE NXT).

  • There are a few more fields that appear in the side panel -
    Short Bio, Email ID, Phone number, Membership, Middle Name, Maiden Name, Nick Name, Preferences, Interests, Skills, and Social media.

  • Apart from these, if you want to add any additional fields or sections, write to
    We refer to these additional fields as Custom Fields.

Which fields on a profile are visible to all alumni?

Fields marked with a padlock icon are visible only to the administrator and the owner of the profile. Fields marked with a ‘person’ icon are visible to only the administrator. Other fields on a profile are visible to all alumni.

Can we change the view or edit permissions for any of the fields on the page?

  • View permissions for fields with sensitive information such as Email, Mobile Phone Number, Home Address and Office Address can be changed.
    The permission can either be :

  • Profile User (the owner of the profile and admins can see) or

  • All Members (all verified users on the platform can see).

Can we change labels for any of the Name fields (Salutation, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Maiden Name, and Nickname)?

The Label for Maiden Name can be changed. All the other Name fields are fixed.

Can we change the labels in the ‘Education’ section?

Yes, Labels for all the fields in the ‘Education’ section can be changed. There is a limit of 20 characters for such labels.

Can the range for ‘Year of Graduation’ and ‘Year of Entry’ in the ‘Education’ section be changed?

We can change this to a range of years that you specify.

Can the existing sections like ‘Education’, ‘Other Education’, ‘Experience’, ‘Accomplishments’, and ‘Other Details’ be removed?

No. These default sections can not be removed. You can add additional sections for other information if you wish.

Can any of the existing fields within these default sections be removed?

The fields Gender and Year of Entry can be hidden. None of the other fields can be removed.

How can I set up fields or sections that are not there in the default sections?

  • Our operations team can set up additional fields. Write to us at

  • View and Edit permissions for any custom fields (non-default fields) can be set to - Admin only (only admin can see), Profile Users (admin and profile owner can see), or All Members. (all verified users can see).

I want the Class Year to show the Year of Entry instead of the Year of Graduation. Can we do that?

Yes, that can be set. The settings for this are not accessible to the admins. Write to us at and we will do it for you.

The Send Message option on an alum's profile is inactive. It says "You don't have permission to message this person". What's the issue here?

The Send Message option on someone's profile is disabled when they have opted for not receiving One-to-One Messages or direct messages from others via email-unsubscribe.

To revert this back, the person will have to click on the Unsubscribe button on any of the emails received from the platform and change the preference (tick or select the option to receive direct messages from others on the platform) 👇🏽

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