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Can we see how often a user logs in to the platform? I know we can see their email & event engagement, but can we see in general how much traffic the platform gets, how often each user logs in and for how long?

We use Google Analytics to track the overall traffic on the platform. But it cannot trace back to a particular user. We can get you an aggregate value of the amount of traffic on a particular day/ week/ month/ year.

Can alumni see their own engagement info and/or that of others?

Alumni cannot see their or others' engagement info. Only admins can see this.

The engagement information is designed especially for the Alumni Relations team to know how well the platform is doing, which events/ news got more people to the platform, what are the interests of the alumni that get them to the platform, etc.

Since it is more relevant for you to take decisions and make changes to the platform accordingly, it is made visible just to the admins.

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