We have added a filter option called Email Status on Data Studio.

This filter will help you to understand, every alum's status on their email address.
For e.g Email id is known/unknown, verified, or is invalid, etc.

 Here is the glossary for the different email statuses on Almabase

  1. Unknown: No email has been sent to the associated email id from the platform.

  2. Verified: At least one email has been successfully delivered to the associated email id.

  3. Engaged: At least one email has been delivered to the associated email id and was either clicked or opened.

  4. Hard bounced: Email delivery was attempted but was not delivered because:
    - The email address is  invalid
    - The email addresses doesn’t exist

  5. Soft bounced: Email delivery was attempted, email address was valid and the email message reached the recipient’s mail server. However, it bounced back because:
    - The mailbox was full (the user is over their quota)
    - The server was down or a temporary issue with email exchange server.
    - The message was too large for the recipient’s inbox
    - Firewall restriction

  6. Marked spam: The email was marked as spam by the user.

  7. Invalid: The email id associated with the profile is invalid (invalid email format) or the email domain is invalid (does not have MX record associated with email domain).

  8. Unsubscribed from all communication: The user has opted out from email communications.

Please do not hesitate to write us at help@almabase.com for any questions regarding these statuses or to get more details on how it works. 

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