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This feature is particularly helpful when you have large events, that have smaller sub-events spanning over multiple days.

The challenge seemed to be that guests would need to constantly reference their tickets and the general schedule and figure out when their next event is and where they need to be at a certain time.

Larger schools that could afford the required resources tried to ease their guest's frustrations by printing out an itinerary for them beforehand. But as you would expect – cross-referencing tickets with sub-events and then subsequently the sub-event details is a challenge. Not to mention that you needed to repeatedly do this every major event.

That's why we built 'Personal Itineraries' – a customized schedule for each of your guests (including accompanying guests) that tells them when their next event is and where. Here is what it would look like : 

How does it work?
The personal itinerary automatically cross-references the tickets the guest has and sub-event details to prepare a print-friendly itinerary for each guest.

Does it work for any ticket type?
Itineraries support both open and seated tickets. However, the ticket type does influence the way it is displayed to the guest.

Itineraries work best with seated tickets because the system knows exactly who will be attending which event. However, to the accompanying guests, in the case of open tickets, the itinerary will show that the buyer has purchased X number of tickets.

What all are displayed on the guest's itinerary?
The thumb rule is that the itinerary displays any sub-event that the guest can attend. This includes any non-ticketed sub-event and any ticketed sub-event that the guest has tickets for. 

For Eg: if you created a sub-event called 'Breakfast' but did not associate any ticket with it, it would mean that it is free to attend for any of your guests and therefore will show up on everybody's itinerary.
But if the same sub-event had a Free ticket associated with it, only the guests that
added the 'Breakfast' ticket to their cart will have it listed on their itinerary.

What if I do not want to show certain sub-events on the itinerary?
There could be some open house sub-events, which may or may not be relevant to be listed on the itinerary.
While setting up the sub-event, we provide an option to whether or not to display it on the itinerary.

Where can I find my personal itinerary?

You can find your personal itinerary on the Guest Kit that is sent to you on the confirmation email after successful registration to an event.

What are some good practices to follow?
If you are keen on using itineraries for your next big event, here are a few pointers that will help. 

  1. Use seated tickets over open tickets whenever possible. 

  2. Remember to associate sub-events with the required tickets. 

  3. Avoid mapping the same ticket to multiple sub-events. 

What's next on this feature?
Currently, The personal itinerary feature is in beta. We'd like to learn more about how you could actually use it, gather feedback and make tweaks to make it better. If you have a suggestion, feel free to email us at or chat with us using the support bubble. Let's co-create :) 

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