Creating a fundraising campaign on the Almabase platform has gotten better than ever.
It is aesthetically designed,  easy to use, more intuitive, supports Apple Pay [Only for Stripe], and Google Pay [Only for Stripe], reporting is better than ever and many more things.

There are two aspects of creating a campaign on the platform -

  1. Setting up a campaign page

  2. Setting up payment instructions

We have designed in a way to keep these aspects independent of each other. This means you have two options 

  1. Set up both the campaign page and payment instructions on the platform. This is called Crowdfunding

  2. Create the campaign on any external site and set up payment instructions on the platform. This is called Checkout


We offer two models to create a campaign on Almabase platform -

  1. Crowdfunding

  2. Checkout


With this model, you can set up 

  1. Campaign page 

  2. Payment Instructions

The page will show the following campaign details -

  • Campaign name and description

  • Campaign Goal

  • Amount raised

  • Donor details

  • Gallery

  • Social media share option


This model has everything that the crowdfunding model provides expect for the page.
A campaign in this model will point a donor directly to provide their donation details.

Design a campaign page anywhere on the web and link the payment to the platform.


Setting up the campaign is almost the same for both the models. Let's see how.

Write to us at in case of any queries

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