Giving on Almabase makes it simple to create and maintain pages for your upcoming fundraising campaign. Its robust design enables you to link payment accounts easily, associate multiple funds, conduct interactive challenges, and display the overall participation leaderboards.

The gift dashboard enables you to manage/report and sync gifts to other databases within a few clicks.

There are two aspects to creating a Giving campaign.

  • Creating a campaign page and processing gifts on Almabase. This can be done with Crowdfunding and Competitive Fundraising.

  • Setting up the campaign page on an external website and processing payments through Almabase. This is possible with the Checkout Fundraising Type.

The Giving feature is designed in such a way as to maintain independence between these two aspects.

Let's look at how you can create each type of Fundraising Campaign 👇

  • For Crowdfunding and Checkout Fundraising type → Click Here

  • To understand what Competitive Fundraising type is and how to set it up → Click Here

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