How to create a Crowdfunding, Checkout Campaign Page, or Competitive?

Step 1: 

Search for Giving on the admin panel and click on it.
On the following page, click on the button that says "+Create new"

Enter the Campaign Name in the pop-up that appears -

Step 2: Enter Basic Details

In the following screen, you will see different sections to be set up. 

Under Basic Settings, enter the following details:-

  • Page Name or Campaign Name

  • Page type (Crowdfunding. Checkout or Competitive)

  • Currency for the campaign

  • Enter email addresses to send a notification to when a gift is made

  • Brief Summary of the campaign. This will appear on the campaign's card on the giving campaign listing page.

  • Communities: Choose one or more communities if you wish to have the giving campaign just for specific group(s).

Step 3: Set up a Payment account

Under the Payment Rules section, click on Add Payment account.

Enter the following details in the sidebar that appears -

  • Currency - Enter the currency for the payment account

  • Payment account - Select one of the payment accounts you set up on the platform.

  • One time gift amounts - Set up the amount slabs for one time donations. Click on Set Default to make one of the amount to be selected by default [optional]

  • Minimum Donation Amount - Set a minimum donation amount (greater than zero and lesser than the default amount you set on the amount slabs)

NOTE: Monthly recurring donations can be set up only for Stripe payment account. Like one-time donations, amount slabs and minimum donation amount can be set up for Monthly donations.

Step 4: Enter Campaign Settings

Under Campaign Settings, enter the following details:-

  • Campaign End Date - Date and time you want the campaign to end.

  • Goal - It can either be: Amount Goal - Amount raised in the campaign or gift goal - Number of Gifts made towards the campaign.

  • Call to Action text - Enter the text you want to show on the Donate button.

  • Donor Visibility - Choose one of three options based on how you want a donor to view others' donation information.

NOTE: This section is removed for a checkout campaign page.

Step 5: Enter the fund options

Under Fund Designation, enter the following details:-

  • Fund options - Select the funds you want to associate the campaign with. Click here to know how to create a fund and how it works.

  • Allow users to give to multiple funds - Enable this if you want to allow the donors to pay towards multiple funds in a single gift.

  • Allow users to add their own fund name - If a donor wants to donate towards a fund that is not listed, they can enter a fund name of their choice. Click here to see how it works.

Step 6: Enter Campaign Details and Cover Image

Under Details and Images, enter the following details:-

  • Description - Enter the campaign details/description here.

  • Banner Image - Select a banner image for the campaign. Recommended size is 1200x375px.

  • Banner Image for mobile [optional] - Select a banner image for mobile screens.Recommended size is 600x600px.

  • Gallery Images [optional] - Any image related to the campaign that you may want to add.

Step 7: Select Prepayment and post-payment forms

Under Forms, enter the following details:-

  • Prepayment Form - Select a prepayment form.

  • Post-payment Form - Select a post-payment form 

A default Prepayment and post-payment forms are added even if you don't set these fields. These default forms are not editable.
The only change you can make is making some of the mandatory/non-mandatory.

Click here to see how to do that.

NOTE: Fields in the forms that you select here will be added to the default form fields. That means you can only add fields that you need in addition to the default form but cannot replace them.
So it is advisable to use this only if some extra details are needed.

Step 8: Post Payment and other settings

Under Other Settings, there are some options to make changes to the donation experience:-

  • Thank you image - Image after making the payment (above the post-payment form).

  • Redirect user after gift completion - Link to go to when clicked on Close.

  • Social share URL - If there is any specific URL you want the donor to share on social media. The default is the campaign URL.

  • Redirect users to an external URL when making a gift - In case you want to direct the donor to an external URL when they click on the donate button, enter the URL of that page here.

  • Are Address fields mandatory? -  Turn it on if you want the address fields to be mandatory on the prepayment form.

  • Delete Page - Click on this button to delete the campaign page.
    Note: A campaign can be deleted only if there are no donations associated with it.

Under Gift Options, there are toggles to disable two of the options shown on the post-payment form.

There is one additional option here.

It is turned On by default. If disabled, the donors will have to enter the amount while donating. The default amount of slabs will be removed.

Step 9: Save the Campaign

Turn on the toggle Publish Fundraising Page to make the campaign live.
Finally, hit Save Changes.

For a checkout campaign page type, skip Step 4. The rest of the steps remain as it is.

You can check how crowdfunding and checkout campaign pages will look to a donor.

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