Once the donations start coming in, you need to keep an eye out to see if the data is updated correctly, are there any donations that were unsuccessful, view the donation details like, card type, amount, etc., make changes to the donor details and many more.

The Gift Manager tab under the Giving is assuredly a one stop place for you to manage the gift data effortlessly.

Gift manager provides -

  1.  All the information you need to know about a donation.

  2. Various actions you can take based on the information you got. (eg: Resend confirmation email, refund, edit donor details, etc.)


You can see the list of gifts made towards the campaign.

The bottom bar helps you access different filter options based on donation status and the record mapping status. 

  • Failed Payment

  • Unmapped Gifts


Using these filters, and other information on the donor's gifts you can decide what further actions to take, like sending an email, updating donor details, etc.
Here's how - 

1. Search and Email Donors

You can search the donor lists based on name and also, send emails to them, like if you want to send a thank you email to all the donors.

2. View, Edit, and Add Donor Details

  • View and Edit Donor Details

On a Laptop/ Desktop
Click on View Details button, which appears when you hover on a donor in the list.

In the sidebar that appears you can view donor details like: Prepayment and post-payment form data filled, donation amount, etc. 

There are different actions you can take from here - 

  1. Edit Donor details/ Form Entries,

  2. Resend the confirmation email, 

  3. View donation details, and many more..

On a mobile device

Tap on the space beside the donor name, and you can view/edit donation details of the donor and take necessary action.

  • Add a gift to the campaign

Click on the "+" icon on the bottom of the Gifts page. 

Once you click on it, you'll be redirected to the following page, were you can donor and gift details.

3. Mapping the donor to a profile on your database

Click on Unmapped button below the donor name (on a mobile device - tap on Unmapped)

On the pop up that appears search for the profile you want to map the donor to and click on it.

Reach out to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

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