Gift Dashboard shows a broad gauge view of all campaign pages created on the platform.
Search for "Giving" on the admin panel, and click on it. It will direct to the fundraising dashboard page.

The dashboard has 5 sections 

1. Giving Pages

All the giving pages set up on the platform can be seen here.
You can also see page type(crowdfunding, checkout & competitive), goal set for the page, number of gifts received, and the amount raised in the list.

Click on "+Create New" to create a new giving page.

2. Gifts

i. Gift Dashboard

You can view - 

  • Number of gifts that came in from each of the campaigns or all the campaigns,¬†

  • How much a particular user/ alumni donated, and to which campaign,

  • Donations made towards a particular fund

  • Filter it by any Date Range and the list goes on.

And yes, these data can be exported!

ii. Adding Offline Gifts

There some gifts that you receive in the form of cash or checks or any gifts that you may want to add to the Almabase Fundraising Dashboard, there is a simple way to add these to a designated campaign from the dashboard.

(1) Add a Gift

If the number of offline gifts you want to add are less in number then you can add then one by one using this option.
Also, if the gifts that you want to add have custom form fields, then you may go for this option to add gifts.
It is just like a form that asks for Campaign page and the donor details.
Enter all the required details and hit Save.

(2) Import Gifts

When the number of offline donations is high in number, using the above method may not be the most efficient way to add the gift details.
We have an option here to bulk upload all the offline donations at once.

You need to maintain all the offline donation details in this excel format.
Once you have all of them recorded, upload that sheet. You will see the option to upload the file under Import Gifts, just click on Start an Import and follow the instructions.

3. Periodic Reports

In this section you can compare the reports on how many gifts were made, how much amount was raised, etc. either Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

4. Funds

It is here where you can add the different funds you have in your school/ college/ university.
Click here to see how to create funds and how it works.

5. Company Gift Matching

Almabase has partnered with Double the Donation to provide you with tools to help you discover and manage company gift matching options.
Let us know if you would like to set up company gift matching.
Contact us at

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