Fundraising Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all active/inactive giving pages, total gifts/donations received, and measurement of the gifts received regularly with periodic reports.

On the admin panel, search for "Giving" and click on it to access the Fundraising Dashboard.

The dashboard has five sections 👇

Giving Pages

It's a list of all published/unpublished giving pages on the website. You'll see the types of giving pages created, the goal amount for these pages, as well as the number and value of gifts donated by your community members. All of this can be viewed at one glance under this section.


Under Gifts, you'll find three sub-sections.

  • Gift Dashboard

In this section, you'll find all the details related to the gifts processed on the website, such as:

  1. The gift date, the name and email address of the donor, towards which fund and giving page they made the gift, and the gift amount.

  2. You can filter out all the gifts made based on dates, giving page, fund designation, which mode of payment, and much more.

  3. Additionally, you can download an export in the Raisers Edge format or simply run a workflow to sync all the gift data to an external database.

  • Add Gifts

This is similar to a form on a campaign page that asks for donor details and which campaign they are donating towards. Additionally, if the gifts you add have custom pre/post payment fields, this would be the best option.

NOTE: This workflow would be best suited if you have a handful of offline gifts to be added. More on adding single offline gifts here.

  • Import Gifts

If the offline gifts to be added are high in number, then adding them one by one would be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. To avoid such situations, you can bulk upload the offline gifts under the import gifts section.

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to bulk upload gifts.

Periodic Reports

As the name suggests, here, you can measure and compare all the gifts you've received on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.


Creating the different types of funds your organization has is done in this section. To know more about the intricacies of creating a fund, check this.

Company Gift Matching

Almabase has partnered with Double the Donation to provide you with the tools to help you discover and manage company gift matching options.

This article contains the steps that need to be completed from your end to integrate Double the Donation with Almabase.

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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