Fundraising Dashboard enables the team to overview all the giving campaigns created, the total amount and the number of gifts received over time, segmenting the gifts based on multiple filters and a table to export the gifts received.

To access the dashboard, go to Giving and click on the Gift Dashboard on the admin panel,

The dashboard has two tabs 👇

Tab 1 - Giving Pages

Here, you'll get an overview of all the published/unpublished giving pages, the types of giving pages, the total amount of gifts received, and a percentage of how many of those gifts are mapped to users.

On this tab, you can also re-arrange the giving pages by clicking on the "Reorder Pages" button next to the search bar.

The sequence you set here will be displayed to the users on the fundraising page (/fundraising).

Ex -

Tab 2 - Gift Dashboard

On this tab, you'll find four sub-sections which are

  • Gifts

  • Filters

  • Summary

  • Table view of Gifts

Sub-section 1: Gifts

In this section, you can either add single offline gifts by clicking on the "+ Add A Gift" button or bulk upload gifts by clicking on the "Import Gifts" button.

To learn more about how to add offline gifts, → Click Here.

Sub-section 2: Filter

Multiple filters can be added in this section to categorize gifts that will be shown in the Summary and Table View of Gifts.

The list of filters available are 👇

  • Page

  • Fund

  • Amount

  • Mode

  • Device

  • Is Anonymous

  • Is Synced with External database

  • Is Gift added to Batch

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Campaign

Sub-section 3: Summary

Depending on the filters added, this section gives you a quick summary of the total Gift Amount, Number of Gifts, and Number of Donors. Further, it also displays a graph of the gifts received.

You can change the graph by clicking on the downward arrow, as shown below.

Sub-section 4: Table view of Gifts

Depending on the filters, this table displays the donor details, the amount donated, the gift date, the fund the donor chose when making a gift, if the Gift is mapped to a user, and take any further actions.

Additional options on the table 👇

  • The gifts shown in the table can be further sorted by date range

  • In addition, you can search for a gift by entering a donor's name or e-mail address

  • You can edit the columns in the table by clicking on the "Edit Columns" option

  • You can export the gifts listed on the table by clicking on the 🏵️ icon.

Actions possible with specific gifts 👇

  • You can map/unmap a gift by clicking on the "pill."

  • By clicking on the stencil option, you can edit the Gift

  • By clicking on the eye option, you can view the Gift in the sidebar.

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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