Manual data sync

Once you have successfully connected your Raiser's Edge NXT with Almabase, you can test out if the integration works by clicking on the sync button on any profile. The following pop-up should appear -

You are good to start with manually syncing the data between the two databases!

Automated data push

  • The automated process works only one way from Almabase to Raiser's Edge NXT.
    You can reach out to us at to get it enabled.
    It is turned OFF by default.

  • The default settings or rules to auto-push the data to Raiser's Edge database from Almabase -

Push to Raiser's Edge

  • The default rules can be customized.

  • Reach out to us with the details of which field on Raiser's Edge you want the contract details on Almabase to be pushed and the specific set up like whether to mark it Primary, Active, etc.

Important things to note for both manual and automatic processes:

  • No data on RE NXT is replaced during the export from Almabase, be it auto or manual.

  • A detailed report of the data exported to Raiser's Edge NXT is sent daily to the email address on the footer of your site(customizable).

  • Details of the data imported to Almabase can be seen under the History tab for each profile.

    Write to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 in case of any queries. 😄

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