The only prerequisite knowledge needed to create a Community is to know where data studio is on the admin panel :)
That's it!
Once you're in data studio the steps to follow to create a community are pretty simple.

The next thing you need is what category of community you want to create.
Is it based on Class years, School Names, Location (City, State or Country), Interests, etc?

Let's say you want to create a community based on Class Year.

We will now see how you can create a community for Class of 2008.

Step 1: Apply a filter on data studio

On data studio, apply filter on parameter Class Year and select the value "2008".

This filters out all the records with Class Year 2008.

Step 2: Create a Community

Select all the filtered out profiles and goto Admin Actions> Communities> Create a Community

Enter the following group details in the popup screen you see.

  • Name - Name for the community

  • Community Description - Short description on what this community means or for whom it might be useful to join.

  • Category - It can be based on the criteria you decided to create this community. For e.g.:- Here we are creating one based on class years, so the category name can be as simple as "Class Years".
    Next time when you create a community for a class year, you can select the category from the dropdown.

  • Privacy
    - Select Public if you want to let any approved/verified user to join the community.

    - Select Private if you want the community admins to approve whoever requests to join the community

  • Permission for community admins to send emails  - Check this if you want to allow community admins to send emails.

  • Type
    - Select Segment if you want profiles to be auto-added based on the filter criteria you put on data studio while creating this community.

    For e.g.:- Here we put the filter on Class Year as 2008.
    If I select Segment, then any record that is added later and satisfies this criteria of Class Year being 2008, will be auto added to the community of "Class of 2008".

    - Select List if you do not want profiles to be auto-added. It is the exact opposite of how Segment works.

Once the required details are entered hit Create Community.

Step 3: View the create Community

You can view the created community

  1. By clicking on the View Group button, that appears after you click on Create Community.

2. Goto the groups URL -

Here's how the Communities page will look -

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