After you've created a community, you need to edit it to make it more descriptive and appealing for the users to join it.

Here's how to edit a community -

On the community page that you just created, under the Admin Actions click on the option Settings

Community Settings

Here you see different community options to set up

Here you can edit the following fields that you entered while creating a community via data studio

  • Community Name

  • Privacy

  • Category

  • Permission for admins to send emails

  • Description

Other options are 

  • Logo - One specific to the community

  • Banner Image

  • Add an admin - Select a user to make him or her the admin of this community.
    You can also optionally give a title to the admins, like the President of the community, Community Manager, etc.

And yes, there can be more than one admins.

  • Enable discussions/feed - Once you enable this option the verified members of the community can start communicating with each other

  • Location - When creating a community based on location, enter the location here for users to know which city the community belongs to.

Member Manager

Here, you see the list of users who are or want to be a member of the community.
The admins can Approve or Reject a member from being a part of the community from here.

The list is divided in three segments - 

  • Members - List of approved members of the community. 

  • Awaiting Approval - Users who have requested to join the community (applicable only for private communities)

  • Blocked - List of rejected users.

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