Yes, we have added Discussion feeds to Community!.

Community members can now post updates and share links or videos with others in the community through the feeds.

Permissions on feeds

Depending on whether or not a user is a part of the community, or is an admin of the Community, the feed options will change.

If a non-member tries to comment or like a post, then an error message is shown on the top of the page.

Another category of a user is a non-approved one. A non-approved user cannot view the feeds until the account is approved by the site admin.

Disable feeds on Communities

By default, the discussion feed is enabled once you create a community.

If you want to limit the interaction to just one-way - from admins to members then you can disable it from the community settings page.

Other important details

  • Who can post content on a community?
    Content can be posted only by
    - a logged-in user,
    - approved member of the platform, and
    - approved member of the community (applicable only for the private community)
    all conditions satisfied.

  • Do the respective community admins get notified whenever there is an activity on the community?
    Yes, they do.
    Admins will be notified when new content is posted, and if someone reports abuse on a specific post or comment.
    Please refer to the table above to understand other control options that admins have on the feed.

Write to us at in case of any queries.

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