We have seen here (check Step 5) how to allow a donor to donate to multiple funds.

What if a donor has a specific cause or a fund they want to donate towards?

Most donors might want to donate to a specific cause, like, scholarship for a student in your school or towards a specific class or specific facility in the school, etc.

If the campaign you're running is constrained to specific funds set up in your school then they might end up not donating.
This concern was brought up by some of our partner schools too.

So we decided incorporate a way for the donors to enter a fund name of their choice.

Here's where they can enter the fund name while making a donation -

How to enable this option?

In the campaign settings page, under Fund Designation, turn ON the option Allow user to enter own fund name.

How it works?

Here's what happens behind the scenes when a donor enters a fund name of his choice and makes a donation towards it.

  • All the such donations are designated to a fund named "Other Fund <site_name>". This fund is auto created on the backend.
  • You can see the designation of the fund under the donor details section as shown below.
    The fund name entered by the donor is appended in the fund designations section of the gift.
  • In the gift data export sheet, for the donors who have donated towards their specific fund, the column Funds for them will have value "Other Fund <site_name>" and column Other Fund Name will have the value they entered.

    Here's a sample export you can refer to.

NOTE: Do not edit the fund "Other Fund <site_name>" created on the funds page. 

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