(the video is a bit dated but will still give some clear insights on how to set up a competitive fundraising page and will make the rest of the help article easier to understand)


Competitive fundraising campaign enables you to leverage peer-to-peer influence (using gamification elements like leaderboards, challenges, user tributes/stories) to increase your reach and drive participation.

Setting up Competitive Fundraising page

Click Giving on the admin panel. On the next page, click the "+" sign.

Enter the Campaign Name and select Competitive Fundraising from the page type dropdown option.

Step 2: Enter Basic Details

Under the Basic Settings sections, enter the below details 👇

  • Page Name or Campaign Name

  • Currency for the campaign

  • Enter email addresses to send a notification to when a gift is made

  • Communities: Select one or more communities if you wish to have the giving campaign focused on a specific group.

Step 3: Campaign Settings

Under the Campaign Settings sections, enter the below details 👇

  • Hashtag: Enter the theme text for your campaign here (without #). This will appear below the Donate button on the page.

  • Time Zone: Our systems will automatically pick up the timezone based on the time zone setup on the backend.

  • Campaign Start & End Date: Select the date and time you wish to keep this campaign page active.

  • Goal - You can select either "Amount" based goals which is the Amount to be raised for the campaign, or "Gift" based goals which total Number of Gifts made towards the campaign

  • What would you love to call the Donate button? - Enter the text you want to show on the Donate button

  • Allow gifts during countdown - Toggle on this option if you wish to receive gifts before the campaign start date & time.

Step 4: Add a Payment account

Under the Payment Rules section, click on Add Payment account.

In the sidebar, enter the following information 👇

  • Payment account - Select any one of the payment accounts that you have linked onto the platform.

  • Currency - Select the currency for the payment account.

  • One-time gift amounts - Set up the Amount slabs for one-time donations. Click on Set Default to make one of the Amount to be selected by default [optional]

  • Minimum Donation Amount - Set a minimum donation amount (greater than zero and lesser than the default amount you set on the amount slabs)

NOTE: Stripe payment account is required for monthly recurring donations. Monthly donations can also be set up with slabs and minimum donation amounts, just like one-time donations.

Step 5: Fund Designation

Under Fund Designation, enter the following details 👇

  • Fund options - Select the funds you want to associate the campaign with. Click here to learn how to create a fund and how it works.

  • Allow users to give to multiple funds - Allow donors to give to multiple funds in one donation by toggling on this option.

  • Allow users to add their own fund name - If a donor wants to donate towards a fund that is not listed, they can enter a fund name of their choice. Click here to see how it works.

Step 6: Select Prepayment and post-payment forms

Under Forms, select the Prepayment and the Post Payment Forms.

Even if you don't set these fields, default Prepayment and post-payment forms are added. These default forms are not editable. You can only change some of the mandatory/non-mandatory items.

NOTE - For the form to be visible on the dropdown list, ensure the form type is "For an event/giving campaign on Almabase."

NOTE 2: The Form Fields that you select here will be added to the default form. That means you can only add fields that you need in addition to the default form but cannot replace them. So it is advisable to use this only if some extra details are required.

Step 7: Landing Page Details

Under Landing Page Details, enter the following details 👇

  • Description - Here, add content that you'd like to display on the campaign page. It is a rich text field so you can add images/gifs/videos to your page. It would look like this to the viewers 👇

    NOTE - You can insert the video link from any video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or even Google drive.

  • Banner Image - Select a banner image for the campaign. Recommended size is 1200x375px.

  • Banner Image for mobile [optional] - Select a banner image for mobile screens.Recommended size is 600x600px.

You can check what the content would look like to the viewers or users by clicking on the Preview Landing Page option.

Set up Custom Countdown Page (Optional)

Content added to this section is visible to the viewers before the Campaign Start Date.

  • Countdown Page Details: Similar to the "description" field, this is a rich-text field; you can add any images/gifs/videos here.

  • Countdown Page - Getting Ready: In this section, add details that would create anticipation towards the giving campaign amongst your donors.

  • Countdown Donate Button - Enter what you would like to call the "donate" button during the countdown phase.

Pro Tip - Use the Custom Countdown section as your marketing canvas. Add any content that would create excitement and enthusiasm towards the giving campaign amongst the community members. (Below attached screenshot is one good example 👇 )

Step 8: Adding Challenges and Setting up Leaderboards.

Since adding challenges or setting up leaderboards involves multiple steps, we suggest you check them out separately on a different help article. Below are the URLs.

Step 9: Gift Options & Other Settings

Under Gift Options, you'll find three toggles.

  • Allow anonymous gift - Toggle on this option if you'd want to receive anonymous gifts for the giving campaign.

  • Allow gift tributes - Toggle on this option if you'd like the donor to attach a tribute to their gift.

  • Are quick select options visible - It is turned On by default. The six default amount slabs are hidden; donors must enter the Amount manually.

Under Other Settings, you'll find two options.

  • Thank you image - Add a picture you want to show your donors after making a gift. This is displayed above the post-payment form.

  • Delete Page - Click on this button to delete the campaign page.
    Note: A campaign can be deleted only if no donations are associated with it.

Step 10: Save the Campaign

  • Turn on the toggle Publish Fundraising Page to make the campaign visible to the platform users.

  • Toggle On Accept Gifts to start receiving gifts on the Giving campaign.

Finally, hit on Save Changes.

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Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns on adding funds. 😄

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