Every element in Almabase's Competitive Fundraising campaign page is focused to drive more participation. If used well, each donor or visitor can potentially become individual promoters of your campaign.

This article is mainly focused on how you can use Leaderboards for this in your campaign.

Check out the following articles to see how the other competitive elements will play out in your campaign


A leaderboard will help you have a healthy competition between a group of your donors (e.g., Class Years, Clubs, Location, etc.)

Having a leaderboard will push donors to create a buzz about the campaign in their community to see their group on the top of the board.

Another way to make it more interesting is to have challenges based on these leaderboards.

If you want to have a competition between "Lower School", "Middle School", and "High School".
You can have a leaderboard with these three groups and also have a challenge that the winning group will unlock a gift of double of what they contributed or will win a "School Leader" cup or anything

Choosing the groups based on which you want to have the leaderboards should be thought through really well.
It should be something that your community would relate to.

It could be famous clubs, sports groups, geographic locations, etc.
Most common leaderboards in the school and universities are based on Class Years, Affiliation, etc.

In short, a leaderboard should be based on a factor that the donors would easily relate to and would ignite a healthy competition.

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