Forms are a feature that lets you collect information in an easy, streamlined manner.

Forms have been an integral part of the Almabase platform. Used across various modules like events and giving, forms help collect the information you need to plan and execute your campaigns.

How to create a form

Step 1: From the admin panel, select Manage Forms

Step 2: Click on + Add Form.

Step 3: Enter the name of the form in the field 'What should this form be called?'. Next, select what the form is going to be used for.

NOTE: Here is an article that would help you understanding the Different types of Forms

Step 4: Click "Add a Question/Form Field" to add a question to your form. You should be able to add multiple questions to the form. Once done, click on Save changes.

Here are the various Field Types that are supported -

Refer to this article on Various Field Types on Forms for detailed information on each field type and how it can be used.

Step 5: 'Form Submissions.' It has two components -

  1. Submit Button Text - You can rename the typical 'Submit" button to anything as per your requirement (e.g., Thank You, Process...)
  2. Redirect URL - Once a user has clicked on submit, they will be redirected to whatever page you have added to this field.

    Note: Here's a detailed article on how you can use the redirect field on multiple modules of the platform (redirect article)

However, if the redirect field is left blank, then the default thank you message is shown to the user.

NOTE: The above Step 4 is applicable for all the types of forms except forms for Events and Giving

Step 6 - Toggle on "Accept Submissions" to start accepting form entries from the users.

Step 7 - Now that you have the form ready, the next step is to share it with your users.

Click on the 'Share Form' button on the top right.

The following modal should pop-up:

Here's URLs are automatically generated to share the forms on Facebook, LinkedIn & through Email.

Hit "Open Form" to have a quick view of the form.

Sample Form View

Here is how you can delete or duplicate a form.

The steps to delete/duplicate a form are the same. From the All Form page, select the form you wish to delete or duplicate and scroll to the drop-down at the bottom of the page.

Below are the options for the drop-down options:

Select accordingly and hit on proceed.

Adding a description for your form.

  • We have added a new rich text description field on forms; here, the admin should be able to add multiple images, videos, texts, etc., to give the users a context before filling the form.

    Here's how it would look for admins:

This is how it would look for the users:

Adding a personalized message to your form.

There's also a new field added under Form Submissions, which the admins can use to add a personalized thank you message once the form has been submitted.

This is how it would look for the admins:

This is how it would look for the user once the form is submitted.

Other Form related Articles:

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