Conducting an event might require you to convey general messages to all the guests attending your event, using the announcement feature admins can convey specific information to the registered guests through their Guest Kit.

Adding an Announcement

Under the Guest Kit tab, select the Add an Announcement button to share specific event details with your guests.

On the side window that appears, you can configure,

  • The Heading for the announcement

  • Add a Description for the announcement to help guests understand better.

NOTE: The description box also supports rich text content like tables, images, and videos. Use those to make your announcements more illustrative and appealing.

  • Each announcement can have its own Privacy setup. You can show the announcement either for all registrants or just for approved registrants.

NOTE: The announcements that are restricted will appear locked for the guest until approved as shown in the image below 👇 .

On the screenshot above, at the bottom right corner, you can see an announcement titled "Download the Zoom background to use during the event". This is how announcements will be displayed to the guests on their Guest Kit.

Use cases for Announcements

1. If you're planning for a Zoom homecoming or any event on Zoom, you can share an image and request the attendees to use it as their zoom background for the event.

2. For an online game event, you can share the instructions/rules as an announcement.

3. For a Webinar, an announcement could be some tips for the participants.

We're positive that these use cases are only the tip of the iceberg, and we'd love to see how you make use of the Announcement feature for your event.

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