We are introducing some changes to the events module.
‚ÄčThese are mainly inspired by the need -

  • To allow for private events that are not dependent on login for privacy control

  • For you as an event admin to share additional information with just the guests.

  • Support virtual events better.

We will see here what these changes are and how these will affect your upcoming events.

What is a Guest Kit?

It is a unique link that is sent to the event guest on successful registration for the event.

What is exactly changing for a guest?

Instead of the registration confirmation page, the guest will just see a message that asks the registrant to check their email for confirmation and further details. In this email, there will be a link to the registration kit.

Registration Confirmation page

Registration Kit

How is it different from the registration confirmation page that was shown to the guests earlier?

Nothing majorly changes from a guest's perspective, other than seeing their registration detail on a separate page.

This registration kit is mainly to allow admins to have control over making certain details of an event accessible only to guests or approved guests.

What are those details on which this restriction can be placed?

A. Event Venue

Admins will now have the option to make the Event venue restricted to only registered guests or approved guests.

Some examples:-

  1. Let's say you're hosting a webinar or an online meeting/event. You may want to share the zoom link only with the folks who register for this event.

    In the Event Venue select the option "Event URL", add your event URL and select the privacy as "Show to all the Guests".

  2. If you having an event on a private location, you can set up the venue to "Show only to Approved Guests".
    This way only the guests you approve will be able to see the venue on their kit.

B. Announcements

This is a new feature added to our events to allow for the admin to add any specific event detail to be shared only with registered or approved guests.

Refer to this article to understand how it works.

What will be the default set up for the events that are already created and published?

They will all be set as Public.

Is there anything I need to do to enable this Guest kit for the event?

No. The guest kit will be sent to all the users who register for the event.

How will the already registered guests receive the Guest Kit?

They will receive it in the event reminder email sent from the platform.

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