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Connecting Your Zoom Webinar to Almabase Events
Connecting Your Zoom Webinar to Almabase Events

Understanding Almabase-Zoom Integration: How does it work and how to know if this is what you were looking for your virtual events

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With the Almabase-Zoom integration, you can now connect your Zoom account to create webinars and manage all registrations right from your Almabase events page. (Learn: How to connect your Zoom Webinar account)

How does the integration work?

  • Creating an event on Almabase creates a webinar with the same details on your Zoom.

  • Almabase gets the related details of the webinar from Zoom like- the webinar join link and the webinar settings page.

  • When someone registers for your event on Almabase, the system updates the registration count on Zoom with relevant details in real-time. The same holds true if someone cancels their registration.

  • You can configure the privacy settings for your event from within the events page. These privacy settings let you control whether everybody or only a limited set of guests should receive the link to join the webinar (through their unique guest kit)

  • For a private event, you can either manually approve each guest (like Zoom) or turn on auto-approval to approve guests by referencing their registration email with your database.

  • To start the webinar or for any additional settings like availability of chat, Q&A, etc you can go to our Zoom account's webinar settings.

How to know if you need to use this integration?

  • If keeping track of registration and event attendance is important: Since Almabase is plugged into your database, we are able to sync back all the engagement data seamlessly

  • If your events have paid tickets, discounts and additional questions that you want to keep track of: Almabase being custom-built for event management allows you to design complex registration workflows with the ability to accept payments and deliver an overall superior registration experience.

  • If you need to send information to your guests leading up to the event: With a built-in communication tool, you could set up automated communications to provide guests with the right information at the right time and avoid confusion leading to a drop in attendance.

  • If you need a quick way to reference incoming registrations with your database: Using the auto-approval setup, you can make sure only those registrants who are in your Almabase database are actually allowed to be a part of the event. This allows you to maintain exclusivity at your events with Almabase as your virtual security guard

Coming Soon: Auto-retrieve the attendees' list and check them in, to record/track participation data.

How do I manage the webinar settings?
You can control all your Zoom webinar settings from within your Zoom account.

Service Level Agreement

You can reach out to your customer success manager for any assistance with setup or managing your virtual events on Almabase. You can reach our support team at also.

- Support is available from 9 am to 5 am EST.
- You can reach out to us via email or the support widget within your platform. You can expect a response within 24 working hours.

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