What is Gift Button on Events?

This new feature on the events module allows you to set up a gift widget on the guest kit, that can be accessed by the guest to make a quick gift in no time. You can use this feature to also change the giving campaigns or funds during the event to create more appeal among the event attendees.

What is changing for an admin?

  • Admins can set up a gift button widget on the Guest Kit tied to a campaign on Almabase’s giving product.

  • Admins can configure what the Gift button says, and also add a short description to tell an impact story or detail out the appeal related to the fund or giving campaign.

  • Admin has an option where the gift button card can be refreshed without disrupting the live stream - so admins can change the campaign connected to mid-stream and ask the guests to refresh the card to potentially point to a different campaign which has a different appeal.

What is changing for a guest?

  • The guest will see a gift button and progress bar for the associated campaign on their guest kit. They can make a donation easily from here in no time.

How do I get the feature enabled on the platform?

For more information on this add on feature, talk to your success manager or reach out to help@almabase.com. Any questions, comments, or ideas? Let us know!

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