With every enhancement we have made on our Events module, we have tried to make it -
1. More relevant to the current times (Zoom Integration)
2. Easy for communicating with guests (Guest Communication and Announcements)
3. More secure with Privacy controls and approvals.

This update on events is to make it affiliation agnostic. So that you can set up the event for the audience you're targeting to register for it.

The "Affiliation" field on the event registration page was tied to the affiliation set on the platform.
It posed a restriction for some events where the target audience was focused on a few groups like alumni only, parents only events, or even having an internal event for the Staff/Faculty members or Board members.

What is changing?

For this reason, we're providing an option to remove "Affiliation" from the event's registration page.
If you turn the toggle "Ask guests to select affiliation" OFF, the affiliation field will be removed.

Under "Other Settings" of the Event settings page

If you still want to capture this information for your guests but customize it with the options you want, then you can add it to the registration or guest form of the event.

This will give you the flexibility to keep the options limited to who the event is for and use the capabilities of our Forms feature like conditional fields.

You can ask specific questions based on the affiliation selected by the guests.

What do you need to do if you have an upcoming event or a published event accepting registration?

The "Ask guests to select affiliation" toggle is turned ON by default. So, it will work as it is. There is nothing you need to do.👍
If you want to customize it, then you can turn the toggle OFF and add the affiliation to either

  • Registration form


  • Guest form (if the event permits guests)

Do I need to do anything different for the new events I create on Almabase?

If you do not want affiliation to be asked to the guests, then turn the toggle for "Ask guests to select affiliation" OFF.
If you want to keep it but customize the field as you like, then turn the toggle for "Ask guests to select affiliation" OFF and add the affiliation option to one of your forms as shown above.

Any effects of these changes on the existing registrations?

The existing registrations remain as it is. Affiliation captured for them will be available on the exports.

This, coupled with detaching the event from the site, will make it look more independent from the platform.

Your scope widens to having an event just for your organization's alumni to any audience of your organization.

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