We have rolled out a few updates on our events product to help you organize and set up events more efficiently on the platform!

Important Note

  1. Option to remove Affiliation from the event registration page

    We now have the option to remove the default affiliation field in the event registration page.
    Now you can either remove it from the event or add a custom affiliation field of your own, on either the registration or the guest form for the event.

  1. A confirmation email is no longer sent to the guests who are added post-event

    The problem of confirmation emails is no longer triggered for guests added after an event is over.
    That said, we have still retained the ability for an admin to manually trigger a confirmation email from the guest manager tab under events settings, if the guest requests it.

2. "Add to Calendar" link on registration confirmation email

The guests can now mark the event on their calendar at the time of the registration itself. They won't need to go to the Guest Kit for that.

The "Add to calendar" link on the registration confirmation email -

3. Venue or Meeting URL in the confirmation email

For events that are public or guest only events or events without multiple tickets, there is no particular reason for a guest to go to the registration kit.

It would be only to access to the event venue or the virtual event URL.

We added the venue details (or virtual URL) on the confirmation email and also on the calendar location field.

The guest will need to go to the kit only in case they want to edit their registration.

4. New merge tags for the Zoom webinar link, and registration kit

An admin can now add event merge tags for the Zoom webinar link, and registration kit to guest communication emails.

This now allows you to schedule a reminder a few minutes before the event, to all webinar attendees with a direct webinar link to join the Zoom webinar.

User-Side change

  1. Remind me to register

The guest may not be particularly sure about their availability or is in a rush but want to take a look at it at a later time.
Using this option they can set a calendar reminder for themselves to come back to the event and register for it.

Admin-Side changes

  1. Reordering tickets
    An admin can now reorder tickets in any way they want.
    Note: Tickets linked to a sub-event are alphabetically sorted by default. So there won't be an option to reorder those.

2. For a Private event (Approval only) "Will not attend" count on Guest Manager is now updated
For a Private event, we now show a warning -

In case of any queries reach out to help@almabase.com.

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