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Understanding Enabling Multiple File Upload
Understanding Enabling Multiple File Upload

Learn more about setting up the multiple file upload option on forms to enhance data collection.

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Forms are a vital component of Almabase, and the introduction of the "multiple files upload" field type is a significant enhancement.

Understanding Multiple File Upload

This field type enables users to submit multiple files at once, up to 20 documents or images, each 20 MB in size.

Note: Single file upload allows 1 file up to 20 MB for images/files, 200 MB for videos. Multiple file upload allows 20 files, each 20 MB, but doesn't include video.

Applications of Multiple File Upload

  • Alumni can upload graduation year pictures for a website gallery.

  • Share photos from alumni meet-ups without filling multiple forms – upload up to 20 images at once.

  • Encourage event feedback submission with photos.

  • Simplify job/internship applications and surveys by allowing all supporting documents in one submission.

  • In a Career portal, candidates can submit resumes, cover letters, and portfolios simultaneously.

Setting Up Multiple File Upload

  • When creating or editing a form on Almabase, select the 'Multiple File Upload' field type.

  • Customize the instructions or requirements for file uploads as needed.

  • Ensure the form layout accommodates the new field type effectively.

Best Practices

  • Clearly communicate the file types and size limits to users.

  • Provide examples of acceptable files to guide submissions.

  • Test the form to ensure a smooth user experience.

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