The Events platform’s integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT lets you push event registration data captured on Almabase directly to your Raiser’s Edge database

There are three sequential steps to this process:

  1. Connect to a Raiser’s Edge NXT account -Authorize Almabase to push event data to your RE instance using your Blackbaud account

  2. Create a new event on RE NXT - Once the event is created, any changes you make to the Event name, date, and description on Almabase will automatically update on the respective event on RE.

  3. Push Guest Details to RE NXT - After you review and hit sync, attendance and RSVP details for each guest with valid details are pushed to RE NXT.
    Note: It is recommended to begin this step after your event is complete and after you have mapped and reviewed all guests.

Read on for more details on each step...

Connecting to a Raiser’s Edge account

  1. On the exports tab within your event, click on “Sync guest data to Raiser’s Edge NXT

2. Select the Blackbaud account you’d like to use for the sync. Make sure it’s an account that has permissions to create and edit event and guest data.
In the drop-down, you will see a list of all the connected Blackbaud accounts. If there is no connected account yet, click “Connect your Blackbaud account”
3. Once connected, you’ll be able to move on to the next step and create an event

Creating an event on Raiser’s Edge NXT

  1. You need to create a new event on RE to push data by this method. You cannot connect an event on AB to a pre-existing event on RE. Make sure you don’t accidentally create a duplicate.

  2. This is a one-time action. Any subsequent updates you make on Almabase to the event name, date, time, description -- will update on RE as well whenever you sync.

Pushing Guest Details

Note: Make sure that your event guests are mapped to a profile/record on Almabase and that the mapped record has a system record Id.

Also, make sure that you have checked-in all the attendees. (How to check-in your Zoom Webinar attendees to Almabase events?)

Click on “Sync guest data to Raiser’s Edge NXT

  1. Review the guest data and take corrective actions if needed like mapping any unmapped guests or correcting records with missing database Ids.

3. Once you are all set, click on “Sync data” to start the export process

4. Once done, you will get an export summary as shown below

To enable this add-on feature for your platform or in case of any queries please reach out to your account manager or

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