Why mentorship?

Alumni mentorship is a wonderful way for alumni and students to connect and share their interests and skills. It helps in deep engagement and broadening the network.

How to add these Mentors and the Services they offer?

On the admin panel, type “Mentorship,” and the following three options will appear.

To add a service, select “Mentorship Services” from the admin panel and then click on "Add Mentorship Service."

  • Now type the service name and then hit on save.

Once saved, it should be listed on the Mentorship Services.

How to add Available Mentors?

To add mentors, select “Available Mentors” on the admin panel and then click on “Add Available Mentors."

  • Now on the profile field, click on "Select."

Note: All the services added in Mentorship Services will appear under the Available Services box.

  • Type the name of the mentor and select the profile.

  • Now select all the services and maximum mentees the mentor has chosen and hit on save. Make sure to check the active box.

Where does this show on the platform?

The mentors are shown on the homepage in the Featured Mentors Box.

Now that you know how to add mentors and the services. How does a user register to become a Mentor or Mentee?

Step 1: They log into the platform and click on “Mentorship” on the navigation menu, and select the option “Be a Mentor.

Step 2: The user selects the services they would like to provide as a mentor.

Step 3: The user updates their skills/interests that may be the interest of potential mentees

Once these steps are completed, then the users' Profiles will be on the Mentors list.

Note: The requests/messages sent by the mentees will directly go to the mentors’ email id. They could respond to it from there or login to the platform.

How to register as a Mentee?

Step 1: Log in to the platform and click on “Mentorship” on the navigation menu and select the option “Find a Mentor.”

Step 2: The user now filters out the available mentors depending on their interests.

Step 3: The user now will select a mentor and send them a mentorship request. Here the user has to provide more information on what kind of skill they want to learn.

From here, the user waits for the Mentors response.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

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