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Understanding how the "sponsored or team ticket" works & what are the things to keep a note of as an admin

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Since we are constantly trying to build & improve our Events module, we recognized room for enhancements with our events ticket structure.

We are introducing an all-new ticket type named Sponsored/Team Tickets.

How does this work?

With the introduction of this new ticket type, we steer away from the complications & confusion of adding guest names at the time of registration.

This is the key difference between Sponsored/Team tickets and Seated tickets - the ability to provide the guest name later.

With the Sponsored ticket you will have the ability to take care of cases where say -

  • A business is trying to sponsor a dinner table for 8 guests but isn't sure about the guest's details yet.

  • For a game event, a guest could register for a team of 5 and provide the guest details later.

Basically, any cases where the accompanying guest names are not confirmed at the time of registration, this ticket type will just fit right in.

Is there anything changing on the admin side?

  • Nothing changes while selecting or setting up the Sponsored/Team tickets, the workflow is similar to how a Seated ticket is set up.

  • Exports will show each guest associated with the ticket on the respective export tab, just like it does for Seated and Mandatory tickets.

What are the nuances of the new ticket type to keep a track of?

Since the key differentiator here is the ability to provide the guest name later, here are certain nuances an admin needs to keep track off:

  • If the registrant opts to "Provide attendee name later" then it will pre-fill that guest name with "Guest 1 of {{registrant full name}}"

  • The auto-filled guest names will appear wherever the guest name is referenced both on the user side (ticket, itinerary, etc.) and admin side (guest manager, exports, etc.)

  • If the registrant later updates the guest's name, then it should update wherever that guest's name is referenced.

We would love to know your comments, feedback, or queries on this. Please write to us at help@almabase.com

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