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Understanding Different Form Field Types
Understanding Different Form Field Types

Learn more about the various question and field types available on forms and their applications.

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Form fields are essential for collecting information in a structured manner. Here's a look at the different types of form fields available:

  1. Name (Identification Field Type): A single-line field for identifying the submitter. Auto-fills for logged-in users.

  2. Email (Identification Field Type): Similar to the Name field, it auto-fills the email for logged-in users.

  3. Single-Line Text: Suitable for short text information like names, email IDs, or phone numbers.

  4. Paragraph Text: A multi-line field for longer responses, ideal for bios or summaries.

  5. Checkboxes: Allows multiple selections from a list, useful for choices like course interests.

  6. Radio Buttons & Drop-Down: For selecting a single item from a list of options.

  7. Dropdown (Range): Used for number ranges, auto-filling numbers between a specified start and end.

  8. Date: Features a calendar pop-up for selecting dates.

  9. Location: Provides a dropdown for location selection, customizable to show cities, areas, or buildings.

  10. Rich Text: A recently added type that offers text formatting options like bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.

  11. Single File Upload: For submitting files (up to 20MB) and videos (up to 200MB).

  12. Multiple File Upload: Allows uploading multiple files simultaneously.

  13. URL: A single-link text field for collecting web links or URLs.

Each type serves a unique purpose, enhancing the data collection process and user experience on forms.

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