In this article, we would like to address few questions we are often asked by our customers, such as:

  • I want to display a personalized message to our users after the form has been submitted; how can I do that?
  • I don’t know how to “Accept Registrations,” with a link directing to a different website for this particular event.
  • After the gift has been made, I want to direct the donors to our other website, which shows the initiatives taken up by our school to improve education. How can I get them to do that?

If you too have such questions, then you have come to right the place. 😊

Using redirect on Forms:

Currently, once a user has submitted a form, they are redirected to a default thank you page.

To improve your alumni experience on the platform, We’d definitely recommend having a personalized thank you message once the form has been submitted.

How to set up a redirect for forms?

To set up a redirect with forms, all you have to do is create a PAGE on Almabase as per your branding and the message you want to convey to the users after form submission. Once created, all you have to do is add the page view URL to the redirect URL under Form Submissions. Or you could add any external URL to this as well.

NOTE: A automated submission confirmation email is sent to the users' email ID. This is for instant on-screen personalized thank you messages.

Redirect for Events:

If you are driving an event on Almabase and accepting the registration for this event on a different website, then all you will have to do is add a URL of that website to the redirect field.

Now, when the user clicks on “register" for the event on Almabase, they will be redirected to a different website to which you have added the URL on the event settings.

Redirect for Giving:

With Giving, there are two types of redirect fields.

  • Redirect users after gift completion:

Here once the donor has made a gift, a thank you modal pops up on their screen.

You could further make this experience even more personalized by adding an URL to a YouTube video where the Director of Alumni Relations has a personalized message for the donors or redirects them to a different website that lists all the school's upcoming events.

Note: The donors are redirected only when they hit on “Go Back,” highlighted on the screenshot.

  • Redirect users to an external URL when making a gift.

Similar to redirect with events, if you are driving a fundraising campaign on Almabase but accepting gifts on a different website. Then you will have to add the URL to that website on this field.

Now when a user clicks on “Make a gift,” they will be redirected to the different website to which you have added an URL on the Giving campaign settings.

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