When an email address's status is marked as bounced or invalid, the system will no longer send any emails to them from the platform.

The only way to have the system re-attempt sending emails to such addresses is by resetting an email status.

You can do it through data studio. Here's how you go about it 👇

Resetting the email status

Step 1 - Select the records on the data studio.

Go to data studio, and select the records for which you wish to reset the status.

Step 2 - Reset the email status.

  • Go to Admin Actions » Communication Center » Reset Email Status

  • Click on Reset Email Status

Step 3 - Verify the update

Refresh the data studio page to verify the updated status. Look for the Email Status column. It should be updated to "Unknown" for the selected records.

Understanding which email statuses can be changed

  • Only the email addresses with Soft Bounced or Invalid status can be reset to Unknown.

  • Other email statuses are auto-updated based on the validity of the email address and user actions.
    For example:- Status for an email address is auto-updated from Unknown to Contactable as soon as the first email is successfully delivered.

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