It is possible at times, that you've entered an incorrect gift amount or selected a wrong fund designation while adding an offline gift. Below you'll find the steps to update the offline gift amount and the fund designation.

Step 1: Selecting the offline gift added.

From the all gifts list, select the offline gift you've added and then click on the Edit Gift option. You will be redirected to the edit gift page.

Step 2: Delete the existing gift split amount.

On the edit gift page, scroll down to the Gifts/Gift Splits section and click on the trash icon to delete the existing gift split amount.

Step 3: Add new Gifts/Gift Split amount.

Click on Add a gift/Gift Split to add a new gift amount and select the fund you want to designate this gift to.

Once done, hit on Save Gift. And that's it; you've successfully updated offline gift amount and fund. 👍

NOTE: You do have an option to edit other options, such as Donor Details, Gift Instructions, Transaction Details, Attribution, etc.

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