Once you have categorized the touchpoints advance to the "Reports" tab to see the list of users engaged on the platform category-wise.

  • Here you will know which category of engagement activity gained the most traction.

  • You can analyze which initiative or the program you conducted didn't get the engagement you anticipated it would.

  • This will help you double down the efforts towards the programs that worked and maybe take a different approach for the ones that didn't do that well.

Following two actions are extremely important to get the most of these Reports:

  1. Which touchpoints to categorize? - Categorizing those touchpoints that hold significance to your alumni and your advancement office in planning for your next initiative.

  2. What should be the categories? - Categorizing the touchpoints based on how you would like to measure the performance of your engagement programs.

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Your account managers will work with you to provide guidance with categorizing the touchpoints. Feel free to drop them a message or reach out to us.

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