You would have come across a couple of records on your Alumni website that does not have any name associated with them; it looks like this on the data studio. 👇

When does this happen?

Records will have no name associated with it only when the user abandons' the registration process on the first step itself (basic info page).

NOTE: The new registration/login procedure captures the users' email addresses on our database and creates a record for that email address.

Where and how can the admin check if the user has abandoned the registration process?

The admin can filter such users on the data studio by adding the "registration form complete" column and applying the same filter. (Click here to learn how to add columns & filters on data studio)

How can the admin resolve this issue? Or what does the admin have to do now?

Since the email address is already captured on our database, you can select these records on the data studio and send an email requesting them to complete their registration process.

NOTE: Ask the users to complete their registration to gain complete access to the platform. Once they log in, they will be taken back to the step where they left off the registration previously.

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