If the records you want to add to the platform are very few in number say 5-10, then you can add them manually.

Check this → How can I add a record to the database?

If there are a lot of records then we will get it done for you. 😃

Here are 3 simple steps on how an admin can share alumni data to be added to the platform —

Step 1:

Download the Data Import Template from the Admin Panel.

Step 2:

Add the data to be uploaded to the data import template.

The downloaded template doc has a detailed explanation of what the template contains and how to add the data to it.

Please go through it and reach out to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

Step 3:

Submitting the file

Once the required data are added to the template, you can submit the file HERE.

What happens after you've submitted the file?

  • After you've submitted the file, the Operations team at Almabase that manages the entire data upload process will be notified.

  • They will review the file and clean up the data for any anomalies. In case of any questions, they will reach out to you.

📝 Guidelines to be followed

  • The recommendation is to follow the data import template and share it in the specified format. The upload process gets much faster.

  • In the template file, on the sheet named “Options,” please add any new options for the drop-down fields and highlight them in yellow.

  • If your database contains over 50K records, we suggest splitting the database into smaller files.

  • On the "Course Structure" sheet, if you are adding a "Specialization," then please make sure to add a "Major" to it as well.

⏱ Data Upload Timelines

  • Depending on the volume of the records, completing the data upload process would take us a minimum of 10 to 15 days from the day we receive the file (provided the data is shared as per the guidelines).

Note: The timelines might change if the format is different.

Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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