Best Practices for Mapping touchpoints

Understand how you can reduce the number of unmapped touchpoints and accurately measure engagement across the platform

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1. Are there a lot of Unmapped touchpoints?

Data Roadblocks page consolidates all the unmapped touchpoints in one place. Head to that page and take the following actions to take care of unmapped touchpoints —

  • Ignore the irrelevant ones or the ones that are accumulated from older programs

    • Choose a time period to filter out the past touchpoints or you can also select a specific program you want to ignore and click on Ignore All.

    • Note: Go to the "Ignore" tab at the bottom, if you wish to reconsider mapping the ignored ones.

  • Prioritize mapping the touchpoints that have new emails (emails that are not present in the database)

    • The green mail symbol indicates that the touchpoint has an email address that is not on the database currently. Prioritize mapping these first.

2. In case of conflicts, create a new record or map the touchpoint to a recently updated matching record

  • Conflicts will arise when there are multiple records for the same person and you are not sure which record to map it to.

    • Always go with the most recently updated or created record.

    • You can further, archive this other record from Data Studio if it is a duplicate and it has no additional information that is useful. This way the conflict will not arise again.

  • If you’d like to create a record for the person on Almabase, use the plus icon near the search bar. It will create a new record.

3. Reduce the number of unmapped touchpoints in the future, by adding the newfound email address to the mapped record

  • Mapping is a tedious task. Agreed!
    That is the reason our system learns from the mapping you do now and auto-maps similar touchpoints in the future.

  • A touchpoint is unmapped usually when the email address is new. For the system to learn from your mapping, you need to add the newfound email address to the mapped record.

  • Note: If you have more than one unmapped touchpoint for a user, and all the touchpoints have the same email address, then once you map one of the touchpoints, the rest will be mapped automatically to the same record.

4. Regularly map the touchpoints for an accurate measure of engagement

  • Measuring how your constituents are engaging with your programs is crucial for planning future programs.

  • Following the best practices mentioned above will definitely get you closer to accurately measuring engagement happening across all the different programs on the platform.

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